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Team Blitz Crew

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(p) Primary Position

(s) Secondary Position

(pwa) Primary When Available

Name - Thomas Krug

Role - Team Captain, (pw)Team General, (p)Squad Commander, (s)Heavy Rifleman

Equipment :
Gun - Smart Parts Ion
Upgrades - Drop Forward, Dagger Trigger, All American barrel, Custom Body kit
Safety Gear - JT Head Shield, JT Body Plate

Camo - BDU shirt and pants
Other - Extreme Rage 4+1 pod pack
Playing for - 3 years


Name - Aleks Wilms

Role - Team Co-Captain, (p)Sniper, (s)Squad Leader, (


Gun - Tiberius Arms TAG-9 Covert
Upgrades - Empire Re-loader
Safety Gear - V-Force Facemask

Camo - BDU shirt, pants
Other - Extreme Rage 3+4 Pod Pack,Hybrid Contract Killer Jersey, Empire Grind Pants
Playing for - 3 years


Name - Kevin Nosar

Role - (p)Sniper, (s)Heavy Gunner


Gun - Spyder MR-1, Spyder Imagine

Upgrades - none

Safety Gear - 32 Degrees Face Mask, Game Face Neck Protector

Camo - BDU shirt and pants

Other - Redz 4+1 pod Pack
Playing for - 4 months


Name - Dillon Morrow
Role - (p)Light Rifleman


Gun - Tippmann 98c

Upgrades - 12 Inch Barrel, Response Trigger Kit

Saftey Equipment - JT Facemask, Redz Body Plate

Camo - none

Other - none

Playing for - 6 months


Name - Steven Morrow

Role - (p) Medium Rifleman

Gun - Tippmann 98c

Upgrades -

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Team Blitz Crew